Round 1.5 Raise

Roundable is currently in its Round 1.5 raise! Information on the raise can be found here and the raise is being hosted by Empire Capital here.


Roundable is an app designed by our partners Sanem Digital to build health financial habits by allowing users to round up payments they make and save and invest that spare change into a basket of assets. On launch Roundable will allow for users to automatically invest into cryptocurrencies and equities, with ETF's to be included in the future.

Users are able to track their financial goals, track spending and build their financial literacy in order to build up a health amount of savings and investments.

The app will contain fiat on and off ramps, allowing users to easily move money to and from the app as well as to enable investing outside of the round ups.

Roundable is providing a net positive to the cryptocurrency market as a whole. The majority of projects end up attracting users from within the crypto market, meaning that usually another coin/token is sold to divest into another coin/token. With Roundable, however, new money from outside the crypto markets is being injected into it. This helps get new users into the crypto ecosystem and pushes further adoption throughout the general population.

$ECC Integration

As part of the basket of investments that users can select to round up into, $ECC is at minimum to be included at a weighting of 25%. So at the very minimum, one quarter of all volume from Roundable will be used to market buy $ECC on EmpireDEX. As this is an on chain purchase, this also triggers the transfer fee mechanics of the token, so $ECC will be getting reflected and burnt the more that Roundable is utilized!

Travel Rewards

By connecting with Sanem Digital's associated Ratebroker Travel Club, users of Roundable will be able to earn travel dollars from rounding up. These will be able to be used at over 1,000,000 hotels, 8,000 car rentals and 7 night resort stays in destinations across the world!

Retirement Savings

As part of Roundable's goal of helping its users build financial freedom, the app is integrated with various retirement saving plans so that users are setup for a secure living once they reach retirement. The exact way this is done depends on the region the user is in (i.e. Kiwisaver for NZ, Superannuation for Australia, 401k for USA etc.).

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