• Network Name: Empire Network

  • Network URL: https://rpc.empirenetwork.io/

  • Chain ID: 3693

  • Currency Symbol: EMPIRE

Empire Network is the home chain of the EMPIRE coin and offers users almost instant transactions while having extremely low gas fees. Empire Network aims to be a 'connector chain' - leveraging our Empire Bridge technology to facilitate the movement of value between other EVM chains using features like Cross Chain Swaps.

Chain Details

Block Time: Average block time of ~2.1 seconds


Empire Network is currently running on a Proof of Authority conensus mechanism, with validation being done by the Empire team. Over time, users will also be able to participate in running their own validators for those with sufficient capabilities and EMPIRE holdings, as well as allowing for users to delegate their EMPIRE to validators to participate in securing the network. Long term, Empire Network strives to transition to a Proof of Stake model.

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