Staking Pools

List of Staking Pools


Multi Reward Pools

Core Mechanics

The Empire Capital staking pools are derived from Synthetix's Staking Rewards contract. This contract defines the core mechanics of a staking pool that defines a specified amount of tokens to be rewarded over a specified time. This is in comparison to a staking pool that mints unspecified amount of tokens over a unspecified amount of time to maintain a consistent APY, leading to inflation of the reward token.

When being setup, the staking pools require several parameters to be set which determine the APY of the pool:

  • duration of the pool

  • The amount of reward tokens to be distributed in the duration

  • The price of the rewardToken

  • The amount of stakingToken staked on the contract

Rewards are distributed to users who have staked stakingToken on a pro rata basis.

Multiple Reward Tokens

The Empire Capital staking pool contract allows for multiple reward tokens to be claimed from a single contract. Each contract specifies one token to be staked, which then earns multiple different reward tokens. Each rewardToken has a staking pool associated with it under a rewardPoolID and can be extended to continue the reward pool as long as new reward tokens are supplied to the contract.


  • 0% staking fee

  • 1.5% unstaking fee of users staked amount

  • 0% fee on rewards

Locked Staking Pools

Staking pools on Empire Capital can optionally be created as Locked Staking Pools. These pools lock the users staked tokens for a pre-defined amount of time, while rewards can be claimed at any point.

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