$EMPIRE is the native currency of Empire Network. This token can be bridged using an Empire Bridge to move between every chain that EmpireDEX is on. Every chain that the DEX and the Empire ecosystem expands to, $EMPIRE expands with it. Therefore, $EMPIRE can be used as a tool to bridge between a range of chains.

$EMPIRE can also be used in Empire Staking Pools to earn a yield in the form of more $EMPIRE. These pools are sustained through a 0.05% fee on every trade on an EmpireDEX. Through this, EMPIRE holders can earn additional EMPIRE yield every time a trade occurs on any EmpireDEX on any chain.


Total Supply: 1,000,000

Initial Circulating Supply: 147,559

Max Circulating Supply: 825,000

Supply Change:

  • 10% of all gas paid (in $EMPIRE) on Empire Network is burned.

Initial Distribution:

  • 246,000 — Incentivization Programs

  • 203,956 — Farming Rewards Allocation

  • 175,000 — Empire Capital Validator Allocation

  • 125,944 — EMPIRE V1 Migration

  • 91,100 — Liquidity

  • 50,000 — Delegator Bonuses

  • 39,000 — Empire Team

  • 37,000 — Marketing Allocation

  • 14,500 — Bug Bounty Program

  • 12,500 — ECC Treasury

  • 5,000 — ECC Holders Airdrop

Incentivization Programs

These coins are allocated towards various incentive programs to help support the growth of the ecosystem. This includes a wide range of use cases all with the aim of expanding EmpireDEX & Empire Network usage.

Farming Rewards Allocation

These coins are to be used as rewards for farming pools on EmpireDEX V2. Further details are available in the ‘Farming Pools’ section. Primarily this will be to encourage liquidity to be added to EMPIRE trading pairs.

Empire Capital Validator Allocation

These tokens are locked up for validating transactions on the chain and will not be part of the circulating supply of the project.

EMPIRE V1 Migration

These are tokens that are converted from holders of V1 EMPIRE tokens, V1 EMPIRE LP, V1 EMPIRE/EMPIRE-COIN LP, PRISM holders, Recipients of fees from the Stablecoin Vault in EmpireDEX V1 and EMPIRE held in any other LP pairs.


These coins are to be used for initial liquidity on EMPIRE/Native Coin trading pairs on the external chains as well as EMPIRE/USDC on Empire Network. Additional coins are to be held in reserve for use in providing liquidity on new chains that EMPIRE expands to, as well as CEXs (Centralized Exchanges).

Delegator Bonuses

These coins are reserved for use in helping to incentivize other non Empire Capital validators once the chain transitions to Delegated Proof of Stake / Proof of Stake. This will aid in encouraging more validators to support the blockchain as it initially grows, until eventually it becomes economically viable to run a validator through the gas fees alone on the chain.

Empire Team

These coins are to be distributed to core team members that contribute to building Empire Network in a vesting period over time.

Marketing Allocation

These coins are to be used for marketing purposes in order to spread awareness of Empire Network.

Bug Bounty

These coins are to be held in reserve for a Bug Bounty program for our ecosystem. The more our ecosystem grows in value, the more of a target it will become for hackers. Alongside this, EMPIRE will grow in value with the ecosystem, which should mean that as we continue to reach new heights of TVL (Total Value Locked) then hackers will still be incentivized to be white hat hackers rather than black hat hackers. More details on the Bug Bounty program will be announced in the future.

ECC Treasury

These coins are to be held by the ECC Treasury.

ECC Holders Airdrop

These coins are to be distributed to ECC holders. 1 EMPIRE is to be distributed to each one of the top 1000 holders of ECC, and the remaining 4000 EMPIRE is distributed to the top 1000 holders proportionally based on the percent they own of the top 1000 holders.


Transfer Fees

  • Empire Network: 0% fees

  • External Chains: 5% auto-liquidity fee

There is 0% fees on Empire Network to encourage transactions on our own chain and 5% fee on external chains to build liquidity on these chains. Over time this fee will be reduced as liquidity is strengthened and to encourage more cross chain swaps utilizing EMPIRE.

Auto Liquidity

Half of the fees for liquidity are kept as EMPIRE tokens, while the other half are sold for native coins of the chain the transfer took place on (ETH, BNB, MATIC etc). These are then used to create liquidity on the EmpireDEX for that chain.

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