Empire Network provides Infrastructure-as-a-Service, or “IaaS” for short to third-party projects in crypto looking to build a new cryptocurrency or expand on their current project. Through our diverse team of highly knowledgeable developers. Empire Network can provide a suite of development tools for third-party projects looking to bring their idea to life. Whether it’s launching their token, expanding their reach, or helping to build their utility, Empire Network has the tools and expertise to make almost any idea possible.

Empire Network's services include:

When Empire Capital agrees to help build a project, we require part of the payment in the form of an investment into ECC, with purchased tokens locked for a 1 year period. This benefits both the ECC holders and the third-party projects alike. The third-party project isn’t paying for the IaaS, instead investing into the token, while current ECC holders see a guaranteed price floor raised for at least a year from that third-party investment into ECC.

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