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Empire Capital allows for projects to conduct presales of their token. Presales can raise funds in either native coins (ETH, BNB, etc.) or another token (USDC, BUSD, etc.) and can be adapted to suit the needs of a project. The following information represents the default contract that is utilized.


  • The duration of the presale is specified with an end time end. If the soft cap amount has been raised by then, when completePresale function is called it is deemed a success (afterSaleSuccess). If the raised amount was less than the soft cap it is deemed a failure (afterSaleFailure).
  • softCapAmount The minimum amount of native coin / depositToken to be raised for the presale to be successful and allow users to claim .
  • hardCapAmount The maximum amount of native coin / depositToken that can be raised in the presale.
  • sellRate The amount of rewardToken a user receives per depositToken deposited. E.g. A sellRate of 10 would mean if a user deposited 1 depositToken, they would receive 10 rewardToken.
  • presaleMin The minimum amount of depositToken a user can deposit into the presale.


  • Deposit Allows user to deposit specified amount of native coin/tokens.
  • Claim Allows user to claim sellToken after the presale is finished successfully.
  • Refund Allows user to reclaim their native coin / depositToken if the presale does not hit its soft cap.

Presale States

  • beforeSale User cannot deposit/claim/refund. Presale variables can be changed.
  • duringSale Users can deposit/refund, cannot claim.
  • afterSaleSuccess Users can claim. Cannot deposit/refund.
  • afterSaleFailure Users can refund. Cannot deposit/claim.

Token Holding Requirements

Empire Capital presales can optionally implement a minimum amount of tokens that need to be held in order to enter the presale. This is most commonly set to 150,000 $ECC but it is flexible in its implementation.
  • requireTokenAmount The amount of tokens that a user needs to hold.
  • requireToken The address of the token that a user needs to hold.

Cross Chain Presale

Presales on Empire Capital can be conducted on multiple chains at once, taking advantage of Empire Capital's cross chain infrastructure. Funds are gathered from other chains and transferred over to the base chain that the token will be launched on. Alternatively, tokens can be launched on multiple chains at once along with an Empire Bridge being built for the tokens to be transferable between the chains the token launches on.


Tokens that users can claim after the presale can be vested. The vestingPercent variable determines what % of tokens are to be vested, with the remaining % to be claimed after the presale finishes. The duration for vesting is determined in the vestingContract.

Liquidity Generation Events (LGE)

Liquidity Generation Events are a more trustless way to raise funds in order to launch a token to be traded on a DEX. User funds are paired directly with tokens and upon the LGE finishing and raising more funds than the softCapAmount, liquidity is created on EmpireDEX. The LP tokens that are minted from this process are then transferred to users who entered the LGE on a pro rata basis.
In addition, optionally, tokens can be allocated towards bonusTokens. These bonus tokens are also allocated to users who enter the LGE upon successful completion of the LGE, again on a pro rata basis. This allows for users to receive LP tokens in addition to the token undergoing the LGE.