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Farming-as-a-Service, or "FaaS" for short, is a service given to holders by a project's experienced members that can thoroughly navigate different blockchains in search of profitable opportunities and tokens/protocols that generate yield.
When buying or selling a token offering Farming-as-a-Service, such as Empire Capital, there is typically a fee or "tax." However, those fees are collected and used in various ways that benefit the holders and the project's overall health. For example, in Empire Capital's case, a percentage of every ECC sold is collected into a "treasury" pool.
The treasury managers use the collected funds to generate yield through a variety of strategies, including yield farming, staking, token investments, presale investments etc. Once a predetermined profit is met, Empire Capital treasury managers will use the profit made by staking and farming to buy back Empire capital tokens.
As Decentralized Finance constantly evolves, new chains are emerging with new opportunities to earn significant profits. Unfortunately, novice investors find it difficult and time-expensive to steer through multiple holdings, multiple wallets, and multiple blockchains. Through Empire Capital, we do that work for you, making Farming-as-a-Service the easy button for crypto and decentralized finance. Hold one token and the token does all the work for you.